Micromax offers a selection of sensors including the following:


The BU Series piezo-ceramic accelerometer has output from 20 Hz to above 10 kHz and is used primarily as a contact microphone for high noise environments.  It may also be used as an accelerometer with lightweight structures.

As a contact microphone, the BU may be worn on the throat or touching a bony part of the head (top, temple, or mastoid bone). BU has been integrated into helmet designs for radio communication for military and emergency services.


  • Voice intelligibility in a noisy environment
  • Convenience of wearing (when integrated onto another worn article such as a helmet)
  • Unobtrusive compared to a close talking boom microphone
  • Waterproof and heat resistant.


  • OEM/ ODM to measure ultrasonic/ accelerometer applications.

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While our industry-leading MEMS silicon surface mount microphone technology, in bottom port configuration offers flat frequency response in the standard audio bandwidth, they are also capable to support even higher frequency bands. Sensor designs are possible across a wide spectrum of applications requiring highly miniaturised solutions for sensing and actuation/signalling.


  • High frequency functionality
  • Wide range of applications
  • Micro-sized sensing and actuation.

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Our chosen supplier of Sensors is Knowles (USA).

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