Non-Destructive Ballast Assessment using GPR

Non-Destructive Ballast Assessment using GPR

Created by researchers at the University of Wollongong

Key Product Features

  • GPR detects objects beneath the Earths surface non-destructively.
  • By analysing the reflected EM waves, it is possible to classify the type of material a few metres beneath the surface.
  • Classification algorithms can distinguish between clean and fouled ballast automatically.
  • High classification rates (over 90%) easily achieved.
  • Computer program that manages data processing, interpretation and reporting.

Tailored to Rail Industry

  • Robust and cost efective assessment technique for rail substructure maintenance.
  • Improves safety of railway tracks.
  • Precise identification of track sections requiring maintenance.
  • Early maintenance detection reducing required track possession time and associated cost savings.
  • Assessment over a wide area.

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