Gender Recognition Technology

Smart Camera & Gender Recognition Technology

Micromax presents the latest in technological innovation with a Gender Recognition smart camera.

Key Product Features

  • Smart camera supported by video based analytic system that identifies and documents the gender, age group and ethnicity of those in the vicinity
  • To comply with the Privacy Act, images are analysed and deleted in real-time
  • High resolution pictures for technical applications
  • IP67 rated for industrial applications. M12 I/O for ease of connectivity
  • Extensive starter-kit and training on the product.


  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Advertising
  • Demographic analysis.


Micromax Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australasian supplier for Adlink (Taiwan).

Industries serviced

  • Rail
  • Advertising
  • Retail
  • Sporting
  • Security
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Marketing.

Tailored to the Rail industry

  • A robust, small, waterproof, solid aluminium block that can handle vibrations
  • No additional computer required
  • Can position on stationary locations or within moving transportation
  • Can be used for security applications, fare evasion and vandalism
  • Tailor your marketing and communications based on predominant gender in area
  • Sell digital signage advertising space based on evidence.

More information

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