Ethernet Switches, Routers and Extenders

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Ethernet Switches, Routers and Extenders 

How to connect an ethernet network between two buildings using existing wiring - Ethernet extender

Our extensive range of Ethernet devices at Micromax are made to withstand demanding environments and applications. We can provide a solution to your needs. 

Ethernet Switches 

We provide high performance Ethernet switches to ensure quality connectivity and communication. Our products are easy to install and cost effective with the capacity to withstand wide-ranging temperatures from -40C to +80C.  Our switches also have the option of single and multi-mode fiber optic ports. Micromax supplies a comprehensive range including managed, unmanaged, industrial grade, ultra-compact, DIN-rail mount, multi-ports, Power over Ethernet (PoE), gigabit options and more.  

Ethernet Routers 

Features of our Ethernet routers include firewall support, VPN security, SNMP management and robust design to handle harsh environments.  Use of an Ethernet router can create ease in data exchange and redistribution.

Ethernet Extenders

Ethernet extenders are an effective method of expanding your Ethernet LAN connections as needed. The extenders are simple to arrange and can be installed on top of existing copper cables.  

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  • Network Management
  • Data Information Control.

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Our suppliers of Ethernet Switches, Routers and Extenders include B&B SmartWorx (USA), Diamond Systems (USA) and Connect Tech Inc (Canada). 

Industries serviced

  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Light and heavy industry
  • Retail.

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  • Data rates up to 115.2 kbps
  • Three-way 2,000V optical isolation (input, output, power)
  • Wide operating temperature
  • 10-48 VDC input power range



  • Isolated and Non-Isolated Models
  • ESD Protection - 8 kV Contact, 15 kV Air
  • Rugged Metal Case
  • Wide Operting Temperature Models



  • Extend data up to 1.2km (4,000 Feet)
  • UL Recognized, NEMA TS2
  • Automatic Send Data Control
  • 2 kV optical isolation on input/output



  • Model 485BAT3 features power versatilityty, making it perfect for field testing solutions.
  • It converts unbalanced RS-232 signals to balanced RS-422 or RS-485 signals



  • Selectable RS-485 2-wire half-duplex, or RS-485 4-wire full-duplex operation
  • Selectable RS-422 operation - Transmit & Receive always enabled
  • DB9 Female RS-232 Connection, Terminal Blocks for RS-422/RS-485



  • Universal Converter Covers All the Bases- RS-232 to 4-wire RS-422,2-wire or 4-wire RS-485


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