Embedded Ready for Extremes: How rugged ADLINK solutions are built to keep going

Delivering Industrial Grade Computer-on-Modules with -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range for Extreme Environments

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Conventional rugged embedded solutions often fall short of their claims when placed in actual extreme settings. ADLINK Extreme Rugged products are not only well-suited to typical industrial applications, they are specifically designed to operate in harsh environments, passing extensive voltage and temperature stress tests as well as highly accelerated life testing (HALT) and shock and vibration tests during development before earning the Extreme Rugged name.

Micromax's embedded computing suppliers, ADLINK, have released a white paper available for free download titled "Embedded Ready for Extremes: How Rugged ADLINK Solutions Are Built to Keep Going (3.88MB)". free download adlink ruggedThe white paper allows you to learn how ADLINK Extreme Rugged products are designed and tested to meet and exceed the most stringent performance requirements demanded of embedded systems.

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