Electronic Speed Switches

Electronic Speed Switches

Our electronic speed switches measure rotational speed and motion, providing an output signal to protect equipment from overspeed and underspeed damage. A sensor device (magnetic pick-up, Mini-Gen® signal generator, alternator or ignition coil) will send a signal in the form of a frequency to the speed switch. The speed switch will monitor the frequency and when the set point is reached, the output relay tied into the control circuit will be energised or switched.   

A speed switch is a cost-effective method of reducing damage caused by broken belts, overloads, underloads and loop control. The switch can also detect stopping which may suggest power failures or other functional issues. At Micromax, we offer a variety of choices in speed switches from single-channel, manually adjustable models to multiple-channel, software configurable models.  

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Our chosen supplier of Electronic Speed Switches is Woodward (USA).

Industries serviced

  • Rail and public transport
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Marine.

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EPS 1000


  • PC programmable, microprocessor based for accurate and stable set points
  • Two-piece enclosure allows either recessed panel mounting or base mounting (Patent applied for)

ESSE Series


  • Standard or reverse relay operation
  • Field adjustable set and reset switch points
  • High noise immunity
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Test circuit (trips at 67% ± 10% of setpoint)
  • Field selectable setpoint range



  • Adjustable switch points
  • Sealed NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Transient and reverse polarity protection
  • Precise repetitive speed switch points
  • Automatic, manual or remote manual reset
  • Power loss protection
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