Electronic Governors

Electronic Governors

Micromax is a supplier of the world’s best mechanical, hydraulic and electronic governors for engines and steam turbines. The governors we provide are used worldwide to provide reliable and accurate control of speed and output across many applications including power generation, marine, pump, compression and vehicles. Our electronic governors are available in work output ratings from 10.8 inch-pounds up to 500 foot-pounds.  

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Micromax serves the diesel and engine markets with our products being used in the areas of:

  • More efficient engine management
  • Exhaust emission control
  • Digital control systems
  • Air and fuel valves
  • Engine ECUs
  • Power management controls
  • Power generation
  • Gas compression
  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Locomotives
  • Marine propulsion and auxiliary power
  • Mobile and industrial equipment.


Our chosen supplier of Electronic Governors is Woodward (USA).

Industries serviced

  • Rail and public transport
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Marine.

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Apecs 0300 Series


  • Pull or push actuation
  • Flange or base mount
  • Failsafe operation
  • Corrosion resistant, plated steel housing and mounting base/flange
  • Precise engine speed control
  • Variety of mounting styles, plungers, terminations, and springs available


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