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DIN Rail Power Supplies

A wide selection of packaged DIN rail mounted and unpackaged power supplies for supply and back-up across many industries.

The Adel FLEX range of products is characterized from 1, 2 and 3-phase input up to 500W with current rating ranging to 25A and their DC-UPS is three products in one, a revolutionary solution that allows backing up load power supply with an extremely intelligent management of all peripherals, battery and relays.

Unpackaged power supplies from Tri-M, Diamond Systems and ConnectTech include rugged, temperature-resistant, PC/104-sized DC-DC power supplies and stackable rechargeable battery packs. The DC-DC supplies provide options of up to 100W output power, multiple output voltages, fixed and variable voltage inputs, and onboard serial ports. Rechargeable battery packs come in a choice of NiMh or sealed lead acid and offer up to 4.5Ah capacity.

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