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DC-DC ConvertersDC-DC E100 Series Very Wide 100W Dual 12V Converter-100W

Industrial DC to DC converters from Micromax Technology

Our DC-DC converters provide regulated DC voltage when only DC is available. This will enable conversion to various voltage levels, in addition to electrical isolation to help set up independent power supply systems.

At Micromax, we are able to supply a wide range of DC-DC Converters with wide ranging inputs (5V – 200V DC).

Typical output voltages are 3.3, 5, 12, 15 and 24Vdc in single, dual or triple output configurations. 

Depending on the model, DC-DC Converters are available in enclosures or open-frame with wattages from 3W. These converters are DIN rail mountable or may be modifiable for DIN rail applications.

Our suppliers, Statronics, are at the forefront of high-performance and design in power supplies, becoming one of the most renowned suppliers of DC to DC power converters in Australia, USA and New Zealand.

Advantages of DC to DC Converters:

  • High efficiency
  • Short circuit and overload protectionDC-DC Meanwell SD Series Single 12V Converter-50W
  • Durable design
  • Transient suppression
  • Convenient DIN Rail mounting available
  • Up to 5 year warranty.

Safety is our Priority

We are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding Australian safety standards. By incorporating technology such as preventive monitoring of output voltage, input voltage and output current, we optimise the reliability of our products.

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Our trusted suppliers of DC-DC Converters are Statronics, Meanwell, ADELSystem, Tri-M (Canada), Connect Tech (Canada) and Current-Logic.

Some of Statronics key clients for whom they have designed power supplies for include Foxboro (Schneider), Logica, Sawafuji (Japan-ENGEL Refrigerators), Alcatel, Weidmuller and Kontron.

Industries servicedDC-DC I3 Series Wide Input Dual 24V Converter-3W

Our extensive range of products include isolated and non-isolated DC power supply, suitable for a variety of industries including:

  • Telecom
  • Medical
  • Rail
  • Automotive.

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