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Custom Design Power Supplies

Highly reliable industrial grade power solutions from Micromax Technology

If a standard power supply or power conversion product is not the best approach for your application, then a custom designed product may be the best solution. CUSTOM - E100 Series Very Wide Input Single 24V Converter-100W

Custom design can either be a modification of an off-the-shelf power module or mean a full custom design for a completely new product built from the component level.

Our suppliers are experts in designing, manufacturing, assembling and servicing customised power supplies. They can calibrate and repair all kinds of power supplies.

Specialist in custom design

Power conversion is a highly specialised field of electronic engineering. Our suppliers, Statronics have been developing custom designs for over 20 years. Statronics have a resource of over 230 custom designs to call upon. Their experience encompasses power products for defence, IT, solar, aerospace, telecommunications, rail and industrial applications.

Statronics designs are reliable, functional, safe and competitive. Their designs also incorporate the latest technology. Their 5 year warranty includes design, materials and workmanship, and our terms and conditions also provide security of availability for custom designed products. CUSTOM R74 Series 13.7V Non-Isolated Converter-CLY-274W

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Our suppliers of Custom Designed Power Supplies are Statronics.

Some of Statronics key clients for whom they have designed power supplies for include Foxboro (Schneider), Logica, ALTRAC (Switzerland), Sawafuji (Japan-ENGEL Refrigerators), Alcatel, Weidmuller and Kontron.

Industries serviced

  • Defence
  • IT
  • Solar
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Rail/Transport
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Lighting (LED).

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