Case Study of Alphabox - Engine Diagnostic System

Case Study of Alphabox - Engine Diagnostic SystemAlphabox - Diesel Engine Diagnostic System

ALPHABOX, an engine diagnostic system designed by JAQUET, has been developed to optimise the reliability and efficiency of diesel engines. ALPHABOX reduces the operating costs for companies and also contributes to keeping the planned and unplanned downtime of diesel engines to a minimum. The below case study illustrates how the ALPHABOX can significantly assist the operators of diesel engines.

Case Study: ALPHABOX Diesel Engine Diagnostic System on 12-cylinder Kolomna diesel engine 12D49

A measurement campaign was done on a 12-cylinder Kolomna diesel engine 12D49. This kind of diesel engine is used in a railway application.

The objective of this measurement campaign was to use ALPHABOX to identify several defects having an impact on the reliability and efficiency of that diesel engine. In addition to the complete shutdown of the diesel supply to a cylinder, several defective injectors were also installed. One of these injectors had an advanced injection timing due to the fact that its nozzle opened at about half the normal fuel pressure. A consequence of this could be that combustion becomes unstable, leading to misfiring. A second injector had its nozzle sawn off, whereby the diesel fuel was no longer atomized. For the third injector, the atomisation of the diesel was only partial, whereby a complete and residue-free combustion was inhibited. During all the measurements with faulty injectors, the quantity of diesel injection always remained normal.

The Results

The analysis showed that all defects mentioned above can be reliably detected by ALPHABOX. The operator of diesel engines was informed in a timely manner by ALPHABOX if inefficient operation and therefore poor economic efficiency of the engine is present. This is one of many examples of how ALPHABOX can assist the operators of diesel engines to increase the operational safety by reducing non-predictable downtimes to a minimum through continuous monitoring. In addition, ALPHABOX can help to optimise the planned downtime by identifying the required labour and spare parts. This leads to the extension of maintenance intervals and the reduction of costs by transitioning from a time-based maintenance to a condition-based maintenance.

More Information

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