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Battery Chargers and UPS


Prolong the life of your batteries with our feature-rich battery chargers

Micromax can supply Meanwell and AdelSystem battery chargers that are from 36W and are DIN rail mountable.

If required, our premium supplier Statronics, can also develop a design solution for your specific requirements. They specialise in custom designs and no quantity is too small.

Providing Reliable Charging

Charging a battery correctly and protecting it against overcharging or undercharging can make a considerable difference in a battery’s service life. Using the most efficient charging methods makes it possible to achieve a long battery service life with short charging times. Micromax provides battery chargers that provide the necessary charge and monitoring for your battery so that maximum battery life is achieved.

Advantages of Battery Chargers:

  • Energy saving function
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Auto-diagnostics and battery check.

Reduce your Costs with Solar Battery Chargers

We supply solar kits for power required all year round. This kit includes a battery controller/charger for your battery with 12/24V auto-select, short circuit and overload protections. Automatic temperature compensation of the charge voltage helps maximise battery performance.
Uninterruptable Power Supply

UPS systems we supply are generally PCM products ranging from 30W (DC UPS) to 10 kVA (AC UPS), in tower or rack mount configurations.

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Reliable DC UPS protects your valuable electronic equipment


Our trusted suppliers of Battery Chargers and UPS are Statronics, AdelSystem and Meanwell. BAT-UPS Meanwell 12V Battery Charger with PFC-552W

Australian Approved Battery Chargers

We are proud to be offering high quality battery chargers manufactured by Meanwell and AdelSystem as they strive to provide energy saving solutions. Their range of battery chargers meet relevant standards and are approved with international safety and EMC requirements.

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