Solenoids for Diesel Engines

At Micromax, we specialise in providing a full range of solenoids including standard and custom solenoids for continuous, intermittent and pull-hold cycle actuation. Our solenoids have proven to be robust and reliable for over 80 years, capable of operating in extreme and hazardous environments.   

We provide solenoids that can meet all your stroke, force, voltage, mounting or contamination protection requirements. Alternatively, we are able to custom design a solenoid to your exact specifications.

The solenoids are available in single or dual coil construction and both are characterised by hard chrome-plated plungers and brass liners for smooth, reliable, wear-resistant operation – tested up to one million cycles. Our solenoids are also designed with brass sleeve plunger guides, strong steel housings and brackets and premium silicon rubber or epichlorohydrin solenoid boots to ensure long life and reliability. There is also the option of flange, threaded or base mountings.

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  • Generator sets
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fuel Shutdown Systems
  • Diesel Engine Controls.


Our chosen supplier of Solenoids is Woodward (USA).

Industries serviced

  • Rail and public transport
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Marine
  • Mobile Access Equipment.

Publication Downloads

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Product Information Catalogue
Solenoids - Solenoid Components for Control Systems
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Solenoid Selection Guide - Manual 36589
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1700 Push Series Solenoids


1750 Series

  • Push Force Range: 16-26 lbs (71-116 N)
  • Hold Force Range: 35-37 lbs (156-165 N)








Cable Solenoids


  • Remote mount
  • 8 - 14 pound return spring standard.
  • Highly reliable in all conditions
  • Heavy duty cable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Coils are potted to seal entire solenoid.
  • Patented

2300 Series Solenoids


  • Models 2370 and 2370ES dual coil solenoids
  • Pull Force Range: 37-39 lbs (165-173 N)
  • Hold Force Range: 88-92 lbs (391-409 N)

2000 Series Solenoids


  • Models 2001, 2001ES, 2003, 2003ES dual coil solenoids
  • Pull Force Range: 21-29 lbs (93-129 N)
  • Hold Force Range: 41-51 lbs (182-227 N)

1700 Series Solenoids


1750 Series

  • Pull Force Range: 19-25 lbs (85-111 N)
  • Hold Force Range: 38-43 lbs (169-191 N)

1500 Series Solenoids


  • Models 1502, 1502ES & 1504 dual coil solenoids
  • Pull Force Range: 10-12 lbs (44-53 N)
  • Hold Force Range: 19-28 lbs (85-125 N)
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