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Photovoltaic, Safety and Visual Communication Digital Displays  

Micromax Pty Ltd offers a range of digital displays with the latest SuperBright LED technology used to provide luminous power, durability and reliability when reading from various angles. The digital displays may be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Photovoltaic Displays 

Photovoltaic displays utilise renewable energy technology by using photovoltaic polarizers to harness external light and the LCD screen’s backlight – effectively using them to power the digital display.  
Through using photovoltaic displays, users can signify their commitment and investment in renewable energy to customers and the public. Graphic designs can be created based on the branding requirements of companies.  

Industrial Safety Displays 

Industrial safety displays are an effective method of reminding employees of workplace safety by providing a visualisation of accident statistics. In creating a digital display, however simple or complex, raising awareness and prioritising the need for safety can reduce the number of workplace injuries and accidents. 

The robust design of these displays will allow for them to be placed in public spaces and harsh environments including exposure to dirt, dust, extreme temperatures and humidity. Designs can be created based on your branding needs. 

Visual Communication Displays 

Micromax offers a wide array of custom designed numerical, alphanumeric, weight and graphic display boards. To create additional support against the environmental elements, the digital signage is also able to include weather-proof varnishing, protective weather cover and temperature-controlled heating.  In addition, outdoor display LED lights are able to adjust to lighting conditions. 

The visual communication displays are up to 2 metres high and readable from 300 metres away. Both wireless or standard interface data transmission are supported.


  • Instrument Displays
  • Road Side Signs
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Indoor Signage.

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Our range of trusted Digital Display suppliers includes Siebert (Germany) and Matrix Orbital (Canada). 

Industries serviced

  • Transportation
  • Roads
  • Sporting
  • Mining
  • Government
  • Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Educational.

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