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Representing Global Brands

Micromax supplies a vast range of high-tech products and solutions from world leading brands.

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Healthcare/Medical IT Solutions

A complete range of high quality and reliable medical PC solutions tailored to the Hospital/ Clinical/ Aged Care industries

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Power Conversion

A wide selection of packaged and unpackaged power conversion products for supply and back-up across many industries.


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Industrial Communications

Broad selection of remote I/O, controllers and HMI, USB connectivity, Ethernet products, Serial and wireless connection devices.



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Audio and Video Components

Hundreds of design possibilities can be applied to your product challenge with our high-performance video and audio solutions.



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Embedded Computing

Offering single board and ruggedized computers, data aquisition cards, communication modules and video capture cards

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Power Generation Controls

An extensive range of Power Generation control devices to suit any industry.



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Diesel Engine Controls

Our full line includes standard and custom solenoids for continuous, intermittent, and pull-hold cycle actuation.



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55+ Years Experience

Experience counts and Micromax has plenty. We have been providing highly technological products to the Australian market for more than 55 years.
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ISO9001 Accredited

Micromax understands the importance and criticality of delivering reliable technical products in a timely manner.
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Advanced Solutions

Achieved by quality proven technology products from global leading suppliers together with its in house engineers and technical integration experts.Read More

Micromax’s COVID-19 Response

Micromax’s COVID-19 Response

As we navigate the challenges of COVID-19, our team at Micromax would like extend our sincere support and unity with those affected by this pandemic.

We would like to remind our customers and suppliers that Micromax is committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees, suppliers and customers during this difficult time. In accordance with this, we are taking steps to reduce the impact of this virus, as detailed below.

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